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Ron and the Wild Men

Pat Cooney

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Because of the differing beliefs on how Australia should be governed in the future, the country splits in two separate nations—to the south, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia becoming known as Greater Australia, and Queensland the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Northern Australia. The northern nation continues to use the old Westminster form of government, and upon review of all past registration and procedures becomes prosperous and populated by freedom-loving and happy people, while to the south, the land is governed in such a way that the needs of the environment is considered as paramount. The design of the southern government can be considered to be inefficient, cumbersome, and impractical, allowing the real power being usurped by radicals, anarchists, and power hungry near megalomaniacs. A large area of western New South Wales has been given over to indigenous people in which to live in their traditional ways. To assist in this, all white people and their improvements have been removed. Initially, this causes great suffering and deaths among the indigenous people who have become dependent on the social services and the lifestyle or way of life of the whites. When they gain a form of organisation, they actually revert to a form of living similar to that which existed prior to white settlement. Ron, in his travels escaping from Southern Australia, meets up with these people and lives with them for a while. An expedition is sent to this area from the north, brought on because of a sudden collapse in population numbers because of disease, Ron finds himself conscripted as leader. The book deals with the achievements of the expedition, the people involved, especially Ron and his lover, Gwen, and those who try to sabotage it or take share of the glory.

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Ron, Pat Cooney, novel, the wild men