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Purple Diamonds

100 Love Poems

Janet Ely

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Purple Diamonds is a collection of poetry about the power of love and the many ways it changes all of us. On falling in love, love declared, shared, and expressed in words that were written from my heart. Loving another with everything in me, I often wrote late in the night while others slept. Many times, it was like auto writing without pause as my feelings grew deeper. Filled with overflowing emotion, words flowed easily. There are many different degrees of love. Absolute unconditional love doesn’t happen for everyone and sometimes doesn’t stay forever. I feel a sense of belonging like we’re soulmates and that together we are one. When words fail to express your feelings for another, you may borrow mine by placing a bookmark at a certain page and giving it to the one you love.

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