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Listen to Litty . . .

Linda Bonanno

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


Linda Bonanno, a.k.a. Litty, is an enthusiastic and determined supporter of a new model of awareness using innovative tools and approachable methods meant to penetrate young minds in a subliminal way. It uses tools such as literature, music, videos, and everything related to the new technology and social media era that our millennials love and are acquainted to. A pioneer in implementing the earliest breast-health education, stressing the need for a breast health mandate in every school in the country, she spent the last two years in numerous classrooms across Suffolk County, sharing lifesaving facts with over 20,000 young minds. Her Got Checked? plan-of-action workshops and her new and fresh formula to reach youth was awarded a health grant by Senator Phil Boyle, allowing her to reach a great portion of young Long Island residents and their communities. Along with education, the Got Checked? campaign is pushing a bill to lower mammogram age to thirty-five and requesting a national Got Checked? day. Shes the coauthor of a published book named Decode Your Future, for which she designed the format and oversaw the content according to her progressive educational style. A current and easy manual for youth, the book will soon become a collective. With this new manual called Listen to Litty . . ., Linda aims to reach as far as early childhood students through fun read alongs of a simple set of tips adapted and tailored to young and impressionable minds. Linda oversees all the creative content creation for the brand and campaign, from music recording and video production to media publishing and brand placements. A former model and actress, Linda serves as vice president of First Company Pink, the charity, and cofounder, partner, and creative director of Got Checked?, the brand and campaign. Linda is forty-seven years old and is a breast cancer survivor who currently resides in Roslyn, New York, with her husband and two young sons. Adamant in leaving a legacy of hope and courage, Linda is a tireless advocate for civil rights and womens rights in her community and beyond. For all her commitments, she was awarded numerous certificates of merit, appreciation, and recognition from many local politicians, such as Senator Boyle, Babylon Town supervisor Rich Schaffer, and assembly woman Kimberly Jean-Pierre, to name a few. In 2017 Linda started an independent record label called Got Checked? Records, the perfect addition to a fast-growing brand and the first of its kind. Got Checked? the record label is an hybrid between a music label and a social movement, meant to let youth thrive in the studio instead of failing in the streets, creating music with a lifesaving message of awareness and action. Linda remains committed to youth and the new generation, with an emphasis on prevention and early detection.

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