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Socioeconomic Development of a Nation and Individual Empowerment

Dr. Aboubacar Sidy Sow PhD

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Philosophie


This book has three goals. Its first goal is to enunciate and develop the structure of triad law. The triad considers that any being is made of three parts. These parts are intention, knowledge, and resource. The being may be mineral, vegetable, animal, or human. It can be as small as an atom or as big as our solar system. Its second goal is to prove the existence and the smooth working of this law in all living beings, both in their static and dynamic forms. At this level, I used the wisdom of the philosopher Hermes, the religious Moses, and the scientist Mendeleev to show that these great people have already succeeded in enunciating the smooth working of this law in different life spheres. The third and final goal of the book is to use this law in learning how to lead a positive evolution in comprehending secrets of any life and foreseeing the future. This book is addressed to politicians, scientists, theologians, philosophers, and ordinary citizens who may wish to understand the proper approach to unlocking the secrets of any life and evolution (as explained by the triad law).



goal, theology, knowledge, mineral, triad law, vegetable, resource