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Harlot’s Moon

Meryl Taylor

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


This is the most recent in Meryl Taylor’s long series of literary offerings since 1987 when she first published Earthbound as a tribute to Elizabeth Steinberg, a murdered child from New York City. Proceeds went to the World Hunger Coalition. Since then, SCRAPS, 1988, with New Horizons, in Chula Vista, donated funds to Humane Society; Brown Mare, with Avant Garde, in Missouri, gifted WWF; Big Trouble on Hog’s Back helped Wounded Warriors; and her other works with Xibris aided animal charities across the world. She was widely published in magazines under pen names in the late ’70s and won contests with her teachers’ help. Writing has been her passion and solace. Now with her love, Charles, at her side, she reaches out to those who hurt, need to heal, survive, move on, and grow past life that no longer work. Living in Dayton, Ohio, she writes for adults and children who need to laugh at lives that may not always seem funny. With a freshly minted PhD, she soars into the stratosphere to entertain and enlighten. A mother and grandmother, she sees life as a challenge, a tunnel where that light is no roaring train but an opportunity. To aspiring authors, write on, publish, or perish!

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