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Just Add Peanut Butter and Stir

A Parents’ Survival Kit

Wm. J. Coste

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Ratgeber / Familie


The first method is childbirtha venturous undertaking for the dashing in all of us. This heterosexual-oldie-but-goodie method negates the seemingly only valid information ever obtained from your parents: You cant get something for nothing. Childbirth is time-tested and without restrictive licenses, fees, or time-consuming patent searches. Hopefully, by the trial-and-error approach, you have already discovered this most economic (north of Tijuana) and most charming method of attaining your namesake. Only after the virile initial deposit will the costs and demands begin to spiral. With endless lessons on natural birth (unnatural would be delivering on shredded copies of Glamour magazine), Lamaze training, saddles, and the home-or-hospital decision, it might behoove you to withdraw your significant interest early and look at prepackaged acquisitions.

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A Parents’ Survival Kit, Just Add Peanut Butter and Stir, Wm. J. Coste