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Taking Flight

An Uncommon Journey with an Uncommon Man

Uchenna Baker

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America was in the midst of the 2016 Presidential Election when two people from different walks of life are immediately connected during a four hour flight. One is a young African-American woman and the other is an older white WWII pilot; both having very different political views. This chance encounter takes place within the context of a contentious election year and in the midst of social discord. This unexpected connection leads her to California. She comes to learn more about him, his perspective, and how he came to believe what he believes. What she discovers is a gentle, compassionate man who is deeply committed to his country and community. Along the way, she discovers things about herself through her journey to learn more about him. This is a narrative about an unlikely journey to finding common ground in the face of civil and political unrest.

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Election, African-American, journey, social, America, politics