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The Soul Hides in Shadows

Edward Fahey

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Racism has taken over America. Discrimination and misogyny are the law. The clash between our better and darker instincts slams home. It is the year 2037. What is now referred to as the Great Madness of 16 has set loose moral, economic, and cultural devastation. In the once powerful United States, paranoia and hatred rage at epidemic levels. Behind the Great Barrier Walls, Red State citizens suffer near-slavery and dire hunger at the hands of totalitarian leaders calling themselves the PolitiChurch. Family-Values Patrols work the streets, raping, maiming, and murdering in the name of righteousness. Children are corralled and are forced to work for the state. The world is tearing itself apart between those who choose to hate in an us-against-them world and those who find healing through helping those in need. Oppressive governments and bullying leaders crush their followers into mindless subservience, herding them like cattle and whipping up fear and hatred against outsiders. As one side surges into an even more disturbing and twisted violence, some counterforce leading toward caring and truth seems to be awakening in others. In this war, there can be no compromise. Had ancients predicted these times? Must mankind destroy itself? Is there no hope? Or is there something were not seeing?



Violence, Political Science, Political