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Soldier’s Reverie


Charles D. Stokes

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Soldier’s Reverie takes you on multiple journeys—each one a story of its own and each one intertwined with another. Whether it’s being conned by smooth ladies of the night or isolated and fighting for your life, the story paints a vivid portrait and drops you right in the middle of it. You will feel the sweltering tropical heat and experience the chill of the monsoon rains and know more about the garrison soldiers, McNamara’s 100,000, black marketers, mamasans, business girls, recon soldiers, the “too often caught in the middle” Vietnamese villages, and the Viet Cong. As their lives evolve and stories intertwine, war touches all of them—from a middle school dropout becoming a recon team tail gunner and from a goose herder becoming a lethal Viet Cong tracker.

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