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Stripped an Exotic Dancers Journey to God

Toby Billie

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Stripped an Exotic Dancers Journey to God speaks about a little five-year-old girl being molested by her sibling, which then hurls her into a life of abandonment and promiscuity, thus building an underworld enterprise. This intriguing real-life story tells how an innocent girl can be led into the life of violence, lewdness, and ultimately, imprisonment to having been brought out and guided by the hand of God. Toby Billie is an evangelist in ministry and is currently a sidewalk counselor. As a former dancer, the author has spent countless hours ministering throughout the streets of Baltimore, ranging from saving the youth to preventing abortions in the city. She also does campaign work for the youth at various churches, teaching them how to maintain abstinence and other valuable life lessons. Through her tireless efforts in ministry, she has received numerous awards. She comes from a large family of fourteen. The hardships from her upbringing propelled her to pursue higher education. As a college graduate, she is now a certified addictions counselor. Evangelist Billie currently resides in Maryland. She is married and is a proud mother of two daughters and five grandsugars. She also enjoys working out and weight training. She did an exclusive interview courtesy of the 700 Club for 460 million viewers and 138 countries around the world, internationally sharing her story.

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