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Daisy and Dee

A True Story of Mystery, Disbelief, Persistence and Above All Love

Danuta Mullen

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Ratgeber / Hobbytierhaltung


Imagine if you were to experience a curious real-life encounter that otherwise could only occur in the pages of a fantasy book. An exotic gecko lizard gets discarded in the middle of a residential area of Stroud, Ontario. Trying to beat all the impossible odds to stay alive, she finds refuge in the garage of one of the houses on the street. To self-preserve, she eludes the residents with her presence for several months. She finally gives in and comes out in plain view to get rescued on a sunny afternoon at Thanksgiving, just one day before the first frost of the year would cover the ground. From that moment on, the destiny of the brave little lizard takes a very different turn. She would soon discover that the simple kindness of a human heart does, after all, exist.

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