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Cowboys & Indians & India


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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Ame N. dreams almost every night and interprets them through the Dreamer’s Dictionary by Lady Stearn Robinson, which is the only dream dictionary that she discovered in the earlier ’90s. Because she has looked at it so frequently, it has fallen apart, and she has had to buy more than one. Now she basically has the book memorized. Since her dreams have such an impact on her, she uses them in everyday life, which is what she learned to do when she took a dream class at Agneta’s in West Hartford, Connecticut, in the spring of 2000. After that was when she began to keep a record of her dreams in the Dreamland Companion by Ilan Kutz, which she bought in the earlier ’90s and read in the mid ’90s. She has so many dreams it is impossible to write them all down, including the details, which are vital. She wrote Cowboys & Indians because she had a dream seeing the simple, popular book. She knew the inside had to be complex, so she added & India for its long journey.