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Slices of Life

Annan Boodram

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Slices of Life is unputdownable. It grabs interest from the get-go with stories that focus on people’s assimilation into societies that treat them differently because of their distinctly vibrant, strange cultural mores and norms. Pushing the boundaries of the possible is the common thread that runs through this collection of short stories. From India to the United States, Africa to the Caribbean, readers are taken on journeys that weave history with contemporary times, horror and fantasy with reality, unbelievable depravity with bursts of extraordinary courage and determination. As characters exhibit the range of human emotions in facing life’s challenges, they peel off the layers of reality behind social facades. In-depth, riveting, and soul-searching, Slices of Life is about love and betrayal, scandals and shocking revelations, ecstasy and the extra sensory, with each story embodying characters who search for understanding, relevance, justice, and closure. Part of the proceeds of this book will support the work of the Caribbean Voice’s suicide and abuse prevention work.

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realistic, horror, historical, romance, fiction, adventure, migration, fantasy