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Absolution for the Kitchen Sink

New Poems and Other Fragments

Rod Rippel

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


This is a collection of poetry and commentaries on life experiences and issues of the spirit movement of the latter half of the twentieth century that appear relevant in the emerging twenty-first. Topics include celebration of life transitions, reflections on lifestyle modes, insights into the religious dimension, the aging process, and speculations regarding the revolutionary imperatives for planet earth. 1. “‘And meaning . . . Who can think of meaning at a time like this?’ With those opening lines, you’ve got a conversation! Thanks to the book, we seem to drink of the same riverbed!” (Jaime V., Saipan). 2. “What a subtle sense of humor about serious subjects. I enjoy immensely” (Cathy, yoga friend). 3. “Reading your Absolution poetry each evening at supper. Love them” (Marion and Carl M., Detroit). 4. “Your book graced my mailbox—much to my delight! I especially jumped to the last Journey to the East and Interpreting Paul. You’ve captured the flavor of spirit in out times. Thank you so much” (Bill S., Topeka). 5. “Among my favorites so far are ‘Zen Buddhism,’ ‘The One Constant,’ and ‘Trump-eting.’ Love your humor. The last line in the book says it . . . ‘So there you have it’” (Barbara B. Santee, California).

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cultivating ignorance, Facism in Louisiana, sapience, Journey to the East., Epitaphs, recital, syndrome, Darkness, confession, Old Teaching, Paul at Gal. 2-16, intrusion