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The Wonder Boy

Bobby John

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Twb is the story of a boy who has been gifted with some special powers to access information bases. However, the purpose of the book is not simply to demonstrate how important correct information is for making useful decisions. However, the real purpose of this book is to emphasize on everyone, i.e., people of all ages, the importance of maintaining their initial instincts of siding with good, right and truth. It is a well known fact that as we grow older, we tend to lose our innocence and develop various types of barriers to defend the positions that we believe we have been forced to adopt in our lives for the sake of our survival. Twb believes that to the extent possible, we must all struggle to maintain our clear conscience that was given to us when we were born. It is this endeavor on the part of all persons alive on this planet that will achieve the much desired goals of peace and stability around the world, which will then lead to a reduction of disequilibrium and promote social good.

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