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Going Home

Milton Bruce

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


The great immigration debate that is currently raging puts the timeliness of this book on full display. Immigrants all over the world are leaving their lives and everything that they understand and cherish for a land that has refused to embrace them. Such is the reality of Willie, the protagonist who cannot catch a break in this land of the free. This is the story of the immigrant, this is the story of loss and survival, and this is the story of all of us. The men who came here are all under the impression that somehow they were coming for a better life—they too are Willie. The men who gave up their jobs and professions only to come here and realize that credentials from Caribbean Islands were useless—they too are Willie. The men who always talked of going home, watching as the years rolled by as “home” continued to move further away from their collective memories—they too are Willie.

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