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Wilfred, Horton & M.E.

Mel Elzea

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Ratgeber / Familie


These are true stories about three young boys in a small Missouri town neighborhood who had family first names bestowed on them at birth, Wilfred, Melvin and Horton, when just about every boy of that day was given names like John, Bill and Tom. These three boys evolved in a time before bullying was popular because of great family discipline by God-fearing and responsible parents. Two of the three were brothers. Horton was the older brother, almost four years senior to Melvin. These stories are passed on to you by the youngest brother, as eloquently having been told and kept alive by his older brother Horton during his lifetime. It was by request of my two sons that we tell those stories at the memorial for Horton but it was then when I decided that they need to be shared with the world. To overcome the unusual name of my grandfather and out of respect Melvin, who is now known as Mel, I will give my credentials at the end of this story as I was just one of this trio of guys, and because of that, I have always given way to seniors. People always ask me why I always have a smile and seem to be happy. Wilfred and Horton gave me that smile, and I have never been able to wipe it off my face. Maybe these stories can help you smile. These stories are hilarious sometimes, and at the same time you get the feeling of some real family love. Psychologists might use these stories as examples for their patients because they are extremely mind-boggling examples of reality.

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