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Magnitude of Whispers

Listening with the Heart to Timeless Truths

Nita Rathbun

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


She listened and heard voices... Who were these messages for? For her? For others? What were they saying? Were these warnings? Advice? Why did they talk like this? When would they speak to her? Who were they? Could she be a psychic, or a mystic? No, she just wrote what she heard and said nothing. She knew herself as a "clairaudient" or listener, until the day she was told to do something else. Voices told her the price of her gift. She had to make a choice. But why did she feel her sense ofjustice had been violated? She suspected a hidden agenda in the battle between good and evil, because wisdom of the ages spoke of how serious her choice was in this life weighed against the next. So why was this a problem? Everyone knew right from wrong... or did they?

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