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"Same-Sex Marriage” Is an Oxymoron

Richard A. McKenzie

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In the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, when the debate about same-sex marriage was active and leading to legislation, my wife and I followed the news avidly but with only one thought—same-sex marriage is wrong. As Christians, we believed in our marriage in church and in the vows taken. We could accept differences, and to us, the acts of civil union seemed to give same-sex couples an identity and a protection from abuse, which they were entitled to. When these acts were passed, it was not enough. Laws were passed to allow same-sex marriage, which to us, compounded the position. The element of same-sex couples denying their sexuality by contriving to become parents by utilizing, in some way, the services of the opposite sex seemed totally against the law of nature and the very sexuality that gays and lesbians had wanted legalized in the first place. Laws may be passed, but it does not mean that Christians and churches have to accept these laws as being scriptural and Christian. There is nothing in the Bible that supports same-sex marriage, yet general assemblies of denominations have approved same-sex marriage—often without the approval of individual congregations. This cannot be right in principle or practice. Sadly, my wife died in September 2015, but our united stance continues.

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