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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


“HOW DID THIS GET HERE?” This fashionable question made famous in the late eighties was the sole reins for me to start the compilation of poems in this book. I have no idea ‘HOW’ this got here … but once it was ‘HERE’ … I was determined to make it … at least … memorable. There’s a little back story to this compendium or my involvement in poetry. Frankly, I’m not truly a fan. Until very recently these flypaper words were just doodles and scribbles on torn paper and tatted notebooks, until a friend read one or two and remarked rather innocuously, if I had any others and wouldn’t it be nice if there was a collection of them in one place. Well I have taken her advice and made sort of an anthology of them. They are from different periods of my life, so I hope you will please bear with me. What I knew as a young man, like most things I didn’t understand until I was well into my forties. What are the odds of actually writing scribbles and then be fortunate to compile them and have them published? Well this is a chance for my words to have a mouthpiece. Meaning one of you out there. There’s nothing better than being part of the echo of that nameless but great representative.

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