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Rookie to Retirement

Volume 2

Brian Waugh

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


From Rookie to Retirement, 1960 to 1990, Warts and All, PC 1538 The incidents recorded in this book are my recollections of them during my life. I cannot recall working anywhere that was free from corruption, theft, or fraudulent activity. Judge me personally after you read the book, and ask yourself one question, which is this, what would you have done if you found yourself in similar circumstances? A lot of the content is funny—some hilarious, some very serious, and some very sad. I use some bad language only to illustrate frustration, disgust, despair, and temper. You will notice I used first names only. I can honestly say I have met and worked with lot of very honest and trustworthy people over the years, for which I feel very privileged and grateful.

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