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Getting From Hello To Forever Together (2nd Edition, 2019)

Wisdom and Workbook To Achieve Your Long-lasting, Expressive and Exhilarating Relationships

Yvonne Finn

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Expanded and Enhanced Second Edition:

Whether you are dating, falling in love, or in a committed long-term relationship, this intuitive and easy to read book will delight and inspire you with its fun, practical and interactive wisdom.

It will help you:

•   Discover who you are, your desires and needs

•   Continually learn who your life partner is, and their desires and needs

•   Be honest with yourself and each other and stay best friends

•   Stay romantic and passionate lovers

•   Learn the power of words, and how to listen and speak with mutual respect

•   Make each other a priority and know when to give each other space

•    Learn how to compromise and collaborate for positive outcomes

•    Fall back in love and overcome obstacles together

•    Reawaken the love and keep it sparkling and evergreen

The insightful case studies and easy quizzes will help prepare you and your partner to deal with obstacles. With this book you will gain, or rediscover, the deep bond with your life partner and infuse enthusiasm, fun and joy into your lives together.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Over the past twenty-five years Yvonne Finn has used her business and relationship coaching expertise to help couples find solutions to achieve fulfilling and lasting relationships. Well-travelled, born in Jamaica and brought up in Canada, Yvonne Finn embraced many diverse cultures and family dynamics. Passionate in her commitment to help couples rediscover and rekindle their love for each other, Yvonne has tirelessly and empathically worked with couples to create and maintain loving and enduring relationships. Yvonne writes prolifically on her popular blog on her website, sharing her insights and expertise. She helps—and saves—many marriages.

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