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A Reluctant Search for True Self Through Nurture, Nature, and Free Will

Jack Rocco

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Jack Rocco was a baby when he was adopted by a blue-collar, Italian American family. Today a successful orthopedic surgeon, Jack's identity was built around his Italian heritage and while he knew the story of his "Gotday," he didn't know the story of his birth day. His was a closed adoption, and he only knew that his birth parents were a young couple-an Italian father and a German Irish mother-who couldn't afford a child. 

Recycled takes you along on Jack's journey of discovering his true but hidden identity. On a first date, Jack learns she was also adopted. As she describes finding and meeting her birth mother, Jack discovers that his belief about closed adoptions-that there's no way to obtain details-and the birth story he's been told may not be accurate. He becomes obsessed, devouring books about adoption and adoption trauma. He tries to follow long and twisted tentacles of nurture, nature, and free will-which parts of him were due to genetics? The nurturing environment of his adoptive home? And which parts did he actually have control over? 

As some of the puzzle pieces of his life click into place, others remain disconnected and swirling out of reach. And then, he makes a discovery that shatters his very self-identity.  

It was Jack's grandfather who coined the term "recycled children." Recycled is for those directly involved in adoption-adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents-and also for anybody wanting insight into the impact that early maternal and cultural separation has on a child. It is also for those coming to terms with mixed-race identity. 

It's one of the most thrilling, shocking, yet hopeful books about hidden identity and adoption that you'll read this year and may help you during your own identity inquiry.     



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