Multilingualism in Ancient Contexts

Angelika Berlejung & Izak Cornelius Louis C. Jonker (Hrsg.)

ca. 18,11
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Multilingualism remains a thorny issue in many contexts, be it cultural, political, or educational. Debates and discourses on this issue in contexts of diversity (particularly in multicultural societies, but also in immigration situations) are often conducted with present-day communicational and educational needs in mind, or with political and identity agendas. This is nothing new. There are a vast number of witnesses from the ancient West-Asian and Mediterranean world attesting to the same debates in long past societies. Could an investigation into the linguistic landscapes of ancient societies shed any light on our present-day debates and discourses? This volume suggests that this is indeed the case. In fourteen chapters, written and visual sources of the ancient worldare investigated and explored by scholars, specialising in those fields of study, to engage in an interdisciplinary discourse with modern-day debates about multilingualism. A final chapter - by an expert in language in education - responds critically to the contributions in the book to open avenues for further interdisciplinary engagement - together with contemporary linguists andeducationists - on the matter of multilingualism.

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