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The Memories Between Us

Love Across Parallel Universes

K.V. Peck

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Joshua is haunted by the memories of all he lost. He doesn't know who took his wife, crashed her car, killed her, and what their lives could have been. Determined to unbind time to get a second chance, he designs a portal to return to the past.


A grieving and haunted artist. An exhausted time traveler about to give up on love. Both intend on breaching time and reality itself in pursuit of the women they love.

Joshua's life with Vivica is perfect. Her lovely eyes hold the possibility of everything he wants. They marry, and Joshua is thrilled she is finally ready to be a mother. Then tragedy strikes. Joshua is haunted by the memories of all he lost and what he doesn't know-who took his wife, crashed her car, killed her, and what their lives could have been.

Joshua designs a portal-an Ouroboros-to return to the past. Joshua knows a mere moment can change everything, and he is determined to unbind time to give him and Viv another chance at a life together. His sister insists he should move on from his time travel fantasies, but Joshua refuses to let her stop him.

Perception and illusion veil the reality of his discoveries until the truth leads him to despair. When a dangerous and unpredictable time traveler implores him that together they can return to their beloveds, Joshua must decide if he can trust this man who would do anything to find the women they love-somewhere in time.

The Memories Between Us takes readers on a wild ride through multiple timelines and parallel universes, crossing the line between perception and reality and holding onto faith in the transcendence of love.

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