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Create Your Own Path

Discover What To Do Next In Your Career or Business

James Z. Thompson

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Ratgeber / Ausbildung, Beruf, Karriere


Create Your Own Path is a highly interactive workbook for job-seekers, entreprenuers, and students to discover where to go next, featuring 14 self-discovery exercises and 180+ writing prompts. Reconnect with your deepest interests and align your 'Head', 'Heart', and 'Hands' to find your perfect career, business idea, or project. Design your life and discover practical ways to turn your vision into reality.

Explore How To: Get creative project ideas, tap into your deeper motivations, figure out your message to the world, turn your problems into business ideas, determine your 'value-proposition', design your future lifestyle, make money doing what you love, write your own life story, deal with fears and obstacles, start your own business, change careers, and more.

Skip the career aptitude tests and Create Your Own Path instead. Embrace your uniqueness and design your ideal work. Break free of the pre-built moulds for your life!This book is a self-contained journal with lines included for each writing prompt.

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