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Rhonda Mailey

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Someone leaves you a replica of a Southern plantation in the wilds of British Columbia. Do you remain in your safe condo in Vancouver or throw caution to the wind even if there might be some perilous consequences? Sometimes, it's just too late to turn back.

Leah needs space to understand her relentless angst, depression, and drinking problem so she leaves her high-profile career behind and accepts the inheritance.

But from the moment she enters Ravens' Wood, Leah knows something is wrong. Someone, or something, haunts her replica Southern plantation. After several supernatural events in the house, Leah questions her sanity.

It's Reginald who's responsible. He wasn't born a demon, but when his mother died giving him birth, his Egyptologist father blamed him and made his life a living hell. So it seemed only natural for Reginald to gravitate to the dark arts and that's when his mentor-Egyptian Demon Ammit-entered his life. Ammit, also known as "devourer of bones," is a deadly female demon. She's all business with the head of a crocodile, the body of a lion, and the back end of a hippo.

Now, Reginald's path to immortality is blocked by Leah, who doesn't yet realize they're related and that she has something he desperately needs. As events turn lethal, Leah knows she's in grave danger. Enter the six guardians of Einer's Bay; they've been protecting the town from deadly occurrences since the 1800s. The current group will defend her.

Leah is attracted to one guardian who is almost a decade younger. As she deals with her romantic feelings and emotional pain, Leah and the guardians know they must defeat Reginald and they're running out of time.

From the deep forests of British Columbia and on to Louisiana, Egypt and a time portal that brings murder, bloodshed, and ancient treasure together-it's a battle between a demon desperate to reunite with the mother he was denied and for Leah, the very fight for her life.

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Time travel, Leah inherits Southern Plantation style house in the wilds of British Columbia, Guardians of Einer's Bay, Egyptian Demon, Reginald, Haunted