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John Kay

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The walls have ears, the trees have eyes, in Albion.

 2050, a post apocalypse Britain, known now by its ancient name of Albion. James Benedict is just an ordinary man who finds himself caught up in the swirling tides of history, as the society that we have known collapses around him, following the plague that claims half the population of the world. Where did it come from, the mysterious sickness that wreaks such havoc? Was it a virus that escaped by chance from a government laboratory or is there much more to it than that? Benedict recounts his experiences in his journal, a story that takes us from his childhood in a Midlands industrial town to middle age and his status as the country's most wanted man, labelled by the Party as an enemy of the people.

What were the events that led Benedict to find himself in this situation and who were the three very different women who helped to shape the greater part of his life, the women who have helped to form the person he is eventually to become? A man idealistic and brave, an individual who will risk everything so that generations as yet unborn will know of the conspiracy that led to the oppression of a nation and the truth of what life was like for ordinary citizens in the mythical place known as Albion. Everything is revealed as we follow the twists and turns that lead him eventually to discover the true nature of the man behind the mask, the leader of the all-knowing, all-seeing Party and what really happened to trigger the apocalypse.




thriller, political, journal-style, Dystopian, Orwellian, romance, post-apocalyptic