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A Complete Reference for Grant Research and Grant Writing


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The significance of this Handbook lies in providing a solution to the problem of grant writing facing the aid-dependent Charities today. Grant writing is a skill where expertise has an immediate outcome: more funds for Charities to accomplish their goals.

The Handbook shows that, in order to create the conditions for success in mobilizing further resources, it is necessary for the aid-dependent Charities to have the ability to write and submit clear and concise proposals that have carefully followed the guidelines required by donors.

The Handbook provides clear instructions on how to write grant proposals, beginning with the fundamentals such as how to write Constitutions, Strategic Plans, Budgets, Policies, Proposals, and finishing with information on Reports.

Each of these elements builds on its antecedent and a successful application uses each element in building its case for funding. The Handbook makes a useful one-stop reference for inexperienced grant seekers wanting a deeper understanding of the needs of the funding organizations.

The Handbook will help its users navigate their way of grant writing and gives them guidance towards successful outcomes.