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Geronimo Sager

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Gérard Croset is a struggling writer obsessed with success. One day he's fortunate enough to meet George Clooney at a fund-raising dinner in Geneva. They have a nice chat and even exchange phone numbers before parting. Gérard thinks they've become close and is mad with excitement. He decides to put aside his fruitless writing and try his luck as an actor, convinced that with George's help he'll succeed. Months go by. Gérard has taken acting classes and discovered a brilliant plastic surgeon who can make him look like a star. He's ready to shine in Hollywood, but when Clooney comes back to Geneva, Gérard realizes his "friend" has forgotten all about their previous encounter. Humiliated, terrorized by the prospect of another failure, Gérard comes up with a demented plan: if he can't become an actor like Clooney, he will become Clooney himself...

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