Queerly Cosmopolitan

Bohemia and Belonging in a Brazilian Middle-of-Nowhere City

Timothy Eugene Murphy

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


An ethnography of urban citizenship, global belonging, and queerness in a rapidly growing provincial city in the Global South, Queerly Cosmopolitan explores how people develop a sense of belonging in a city understood by many to be “unimportant” and “in the middle of nowhere.” In his exploration of the city of Teresina and its inhabitants’ attempts to establish a sense of belonging and self-worth, Timothy Eugene Murphy creatively employs queer theory to investigate a community of bohemians. As he follows the participants through different realms of life—nocturnal bohemia, work, family, and intimate friendships—Murphy demonstrates how widely circulating cultural forms, from music to sexuality, offer upwardly mobile communities ways to fashion cosmopolitan lives in even the most peripheral locations.  

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Bohemia, queer communities, Northern Brazil, globalization, sexuality, ethnography, urban studies, middle class, Latin american studies, intimate friendships, alternative communities, class consciousness, globalized, cosmopolitan, upward mobility, Teresina, Brazil, social status, queer nightlife