Minerals: Structure, Properties, Methods of Investigation

9th Geoscience Conference for Young Scientists, Ekaterinburg, Russia, February 5–8, 2018

Sergei Votyakov (Hrsg.), Viktor Grokhovsky (Hrsg.), Daria Kiseleva (Hrsg.), Yulia Shchapova (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Mineralogie, Petrografie


The book comprises the proceedings of the 9th Geoscience Conference for Young Scientists co-organized by the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry and the Institute of Mineralogy (Urals Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences) and Ural Federal University and held in Ekaterinburg, Russia, on February 5-8, 2018.  The book is devoted to the relevant issues of crystal chemistry and mineral typomorphism; the structure and physico-chemical and technological properties of minerals; the computational modeling of mineral structure and properties. Much attention is drawn to the latest advances and applications of physical methods of investigation of mineral structure and composition, in particular, X-Ray diffraction, spectroscopic (optical, vibrational, ESR, Moessbauer, etc.) and microscopic (SEM, TEM, AFM, etc.) studies, as well as the methods of chemical and isotopic analysis. This book presents the current research trends of space and planetary mineralogy (meteorites, regolites, tektites).

The book is intended explicitly for the specialists in the earth and planetary sciences. 

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X-ray diffraction, meteorite mineralogy, spectroscopy, physical methods of analysis, crystal chemistry, Conference Proceedings