President Trump and General Pershing

Remembrances of the “Moro” Insurrection in the Age of Post-Truths

Marouf A. Hasian, Jr.

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This book provides a critical analysis of Donald Trump’s mention of General Pershing and his alleged use of bullets dipped in pig’s blood to kill 49 out of 50 captured Muslims during the suppression years in the Philippines. The author argues that most observers who heard this “fable” dismissed it as an inaccurate representation of historical realities that also maligned a great general. Using critiques of both Trump and “post-truths,” the author argues that instead of being summarily dismissive of these comments, academics, investigative journalists and others ought to follow the US president’s admonition that we study “history,” but do so in nuanced ways. The author argues that there are times when false renditions of historical events may in fact provide opportunities to revisit contentious pasts, and this book suggests that in place of sanitized military histories, we take this opportunity to provide detailed analyses of the “Moro” rebellion.

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political rhetoric, public memory, post-truth, Moro Rebellion, U.S.-Philippine war, Edward Said, postcolonial, subaltern, John J. Pershing, hearts and minds, pig-bullets, imperial studies, populism, Trumpian rhetoric, American exceptionalism, critical security studies, critical genealogical, political geography, American military