Pocket Field Guide for Disaster Health Professionals

Missioncraft in Disaster Relief® Series

Christina M. Drummond, David A. Bradt

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The Pocket Field Guide for Disaster Health Professionals: Missioncraft in Disaster Relief is a disaster management toolkit containing briefing checklists, systems profiles, assessment forms, reporting templates, project management worksheets, and other tools required in the field. It also provides mission-critical technical reference information adapted from internationally recognized sources. 

“Missioncraft” is the art and science of preparing and conducting effective field operations. This Field Guide enables disaster health professionals to collect and analyze critical information and then implement high-impact interventions in field settings.    

Tools and reference information are structured in a concise, comprehensive, structured format. Sections are arranged in logical order of relief operations to facilitate application in key field activities. These activities include: 

  • Field briefing
  • Field assessment
  • Field recommendations
  • Field reporting
  • Field project and staff management
  • Medical coordination

The Pocket Field Guide for Disaster Health Professionals is an authoritative resource for field-based clinical and public health providers responsible for health outcomes of disaster-affected populations; team leaders and medical coordinators in governmental, non-governmental, Red Cross, and UN agencies; information and program staff supporting technical best practices in relief operations; and, trainers preparing health professionals for field missions.

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