Integrated Space for African Society

Legal and Policy Implementation of Space in African Countries

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This book provides an overview of the space sector in African countries, from a legal and policy point of view, analysing how the African Union's Space Policy and Strategy (ASPS) is implemented and highlighting the various space activities in each country. Against this backdrop, it investigates the ASPS, identifying its policy goals identified and discussing its strategy. Moreover, it explores the on-going regional cooperation programmes, the continent's leading space actors and their roles, and the space-related regional fora and organizations, reflecting on various initiatives, including the African Leadership Conference on Space Science and Technology for Sustainable Development (ALC), the Regional African Satellite Communications Organisation (RASCOM), and the African Resource Management Satellite Constellation (ARMS-C). As such, it is a valuable source of information on space capacities in African countries.

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space economy, African space policy, outer space, emerging space countries, RASCOM, African Union's Space Policy and Strategy, space coopeation