A New Hypothesis on the Anisotropic Reynolds Stress Tensor for Turbulent Flows

Volume I: Theoretical Background and Development of an Anisotropic Hybrid k-omega Shear-Stress Transport/Stochastic Turbulence Model

László Könözsy

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Maschinenbau, Fertigungstechnik


This book gives a mathematical insight--including intermediate derivation steps--into engineering physics and turbulence modeling related to an anisotropic modification to the Boussinesq hypothesis (deformation theory) coupled with the similarity theory of velocity fluctuations.

Through mathematical derivations and their explanations, the reader will be able to understand new theoretical concepts quickly, including how to put a new hypothesis on the anisotropic Reynolds stress tensor into engineering practice. The anisotropic modification to the eddy viscosity hypothesis is in the center of research interest, however, the unification of the deformation theory and the anisotropic similarity theory of turbulent velocity fluctuations is still missing from the literature. This book brings a mathematically challenging subject closer to graduate students and researchers who are developing the next generation of anisotropic turbulence models.

Indispensable for graduate students, researchers and scientists in fluid mechanics and mechanical engineering.

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Galilean invariance of the Reynolds stress tensor, Advanced stochastic turbulence models, Reynolds momentum equation, Mechanical similitudes of oscillatory motions, Similarity theory of turbulent velocity fluctuations, Boundary layer and shear flows, Hybrid k-omega SST turbulence models, Anisotropic Reynolds stress tensor, Turbulent kinetic energy equation, Beyond the Boussinesq hypothesis