Sunpreet Singh (Hrsg.), Rupinder Singh (Hrsg.), M. S. Uddin (Hrsg.), Sanjeev Puri (Hrsg.), Seeram Ramakrishna (Hrsg.), Chander Prakash (Hrsg.), B. S. Pabla (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Genetik, Gentechnik


Current Trends in Biomanufacturing focuses on cutting-edge research regarding the design, fabrication, assembly, and measurement of bio-elements into structures, devices, and systems.

The field of biomaterial and biomanufacturing is growing exponentially in order to meet the increasing demands of for artificial joints, organs and bone-fixation devices. Rapid advances in the biological sciences and engineering are leading to newer and viable resources, methods and techniques that may providing better quality of life and more affordable health care services.

The book covers the broad aspects of biomanufacturing, including:
  • synthesis of biomaterials;
  • implant coating techniques;
  • spark plasma sintering;
  • microwave processing; and
  • cladding, powder metallurgy and electrospinning.

The contributors illustrate the recent trends of biomanufacturing, highlighting the important aspects of biomaterial synthesis, and their use as feedstock of fabrication technologies and their characterization, along with their clinical practices. Current Trends in Biomanufacturing updates researchers and scientists the novelties and techniques of the field, as it summarises numerous aspects of biomanufacturing, including synthesis of biomaterials, fabrication of biomedical structures, their in-vivo/ in-vitro, mechanical analysis and associated ISO standards.

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Biomaterial synthesis, Optimization, Biomaterial & Biomanufacturing, Biomechanics, Fabrication of biomedical structures, ISO standard of biomedical structures, Cell culture and Tissue Engineering, Bone fixation devices, Bio-material coatings