Academic Pain Medicine

A Practical Guide to Rotations, Fellowship, and Beyond

Anuj Malhotra (Hrsg.), Karina Gritsenko (Hrsg.), Yury Khelemsky (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Klinische Fächer


This comprehensive text is the definitive academic pain medicine resource for medical students, residents and fellows. Acting as both an introduction and continued reference for various levels of training, this guide provides practitioners with up-to-date academic standards. In order to comprehensively meet the need for such a contemporary text—treatment options, types of pain management, and variables affecting specific conditions are thoroughly examined across 48 chapters. Categories of pain conditions include orofacial, neuropathic, visceral, neck, acute, muscle and myofascial, chronic urogenital and pelvic, acute, and regional. Written by renowned experts in the field, each chapter is supplemented with high-quality color figures, tables and images that provide the reader with a fully immersive educational experience. 

Academic Pain Medicine: A Practical Guide to Rotations, Fellowship, and Beyond is an unprecedented contribution to the literature that addresses the wide-spread requisite for a practical guide to pain medicine within the academic environment.

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