Children in Street Situations

A Concept in Search of an Object

Riccardo Lucchini, Daniel Stoecklin

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


This book provides new insights on the lives of children in street situations by providing analyses from a qualitative perspective on the sociology of childhood. It proposes some insightful perspectives on the current discussion about the rights of children in street situations. It includes a unique selection of texts, which were initially published in French, written by the authors of this volume, on the lives of children in street situations in Latin America and China, that are now available to an English readership. It challenges obstacles, linked to macrosocial issues such as inequalities, images of the child, the separation of public/private spheres, urban dynamics and structural adjustments, as well as to microsocial dimensions such as identity, motivation, and activities that are constitutive of street situations. The book discusses the situations experienced by children, highlighting children’s reflexivity and strategies as social factors, and shedding new light on the debate “agency within structure”.                                               

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