The History of Sociology in Britain

New Research and Revaluation

Plamena Panayotova (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sonstiges


For many years, the history of British Sociology has been a neglected area of study among sociologists. In more recent times, there are signs of a growing curiosity among British sociologists about their subject’s origins and development. This collection sets out both to encourage and satisfy that curiosity while recognising the value of history as a teaching tool that can be used to inspire young sociology students and furnish them with a deeper understanding of the development of British sociology.

The volume contains essays by distinguished sociologists and historians who discuss British sociology’s controversial origins, the neglected legacies of several individuals and institutions, the history of how the discipline was taught in the UK throughout the twentieth century, and its peculiar relationships with statistics and the humanities.

The History of Sociology in Britain reveals the distinct character of British sociology through the course of its historical evolution. It is an original contribution and valuable addition to the field which intersects with historiography, epistemology and literature.

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evolution of sociology, history of methods, quantitative methods, teaching sociology, social science methods