Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations

Limiting the Risk of Reinjury and Maximizing Athletic Performance

Sue Barber-Westin (Hrsg.), Frank R. Noyes (Hrsg.)

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The wealth of information provided in this unique text will enable orthopedic surgeons, medical practitioners, physical therapists, and trainers to ensure that athletes who suffer anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, or who require major knee operations for other reasons, have the best possible chance of safely resuming sporting activity at their desired level without subsequent problems. Divided into seven thematic sections, the coverage is wide-ranging and encompasses common barriers to return to sport, return to sport decision-based models, and the complete spectrum of optimal treatment for ACL injuries, including preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation. Advanced training concepts are explained in detail, with description of sports-specific programs for soccer, basketball, and tennis. Readers will find detailed guidance on objective testing for muscle strength, neuromuscular function, neurocognitive function, and cardiovascular fitness, as well as validated assessments to identify and manage psychological issues. In addition, return to sport considerations after meniscus surgery, patellofemoral realignment, articular cartilage procedures, and knee arthroplasty are discussed.

Generously illustrated and heavily referenced, Return to Sport after ACL Reconstruction and Other Knee Operations is a comprehensive resource for all medical professionals and support staff working with athletes and active patients looking to get back in the game with confidence.

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Return to sport, Advanced neuromuscular training, Dynamic balance stability tests, Articular cartilage restoration, Preoperative rehabilitation, Neurocognitive testing, Psychological readiness sports, Meniscectomy, Reinjury risk reduction, Patellofemoral realignment, Plyometric exercise, Knee surgery, ACL trauma, Sportsmetrics neuromuscular training, Anterior cruciate ligament, Knee osteoarthritis