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Maritime Security in East and West Africa

A Tale of Two Regions

Dirk Siebels

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This book examines the nexus between maritime security and the ‘blue economy’ in sub-Saharan Africa. In recent years, maritime security issues have received increasing attention, but academic and policy-related discussions are largely limited to counter-piracy operations and, to a smaller extent, problems related to illegal fishing. This project offers an essential addition to the current academic and political discourse, combining a broad range of statistics with primary research and findings from more than 40 interviews with key stakeholders. It provides a unique analysis, recognizing that maritime security is not an end in itself but rather linked to economic and immaterial benefits of a more secure environment at sea.

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African security, Angola, East Africa, seaborne trade, African trade, West Africa, Lagos, political economy, blue economy, Senegal, African economics, regional economics, economics at sea, African Union, maritime economics, maritime production, maritime security, maritime environment, sub-Saharan Africa economy