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Karl Marx’s Life, Ideas, and Influences

A Critical Examination on the Bicentenary

Shaibal Gupta (Hrsg.), Babak Amini (Hrsg.), Marcello Musto (Hrsg.)

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Since the latest crisis of capitalism broke out in 2008, Marx has been back in fashion, and sometimes it seems that his ideas have never been as topical, or as commanding of respect and interest, as they are today. This edited collection arises from one of the largest international conferences dedicated to the bicentenary of Marx’s birth. The volume contains 16 chapters authored by globally renowned scholars and is divided into two parts: I) On the Critique of Politics; II) On the Critique of Political Economy. These contributions, from multiple academic disciplines, offer diverse perspectives on why Marx is still so relevant for our times and make this book a source of great appeal for both expert scholars of Marx as well as students and general readers who are approaching his theories for the first time.


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Radical Democracy, philosophy, Marxism, Primitive Accumulation, Socialism, John Stuart Mill, India, Theory of Interest, ecology, Post-Capitalist Society, Value, history, Marx, economics, Revolution, gender studies, post-colonial studies, Sraffa, Crisis, Capitalism