Biotechnology Business - Concept to Delivery

Arpita Saxena (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Genetik, Gentechnik


This book is an effort to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in young minds. It reviews a wide range of product ideas, opportunities and challenges associated with start-ups. In addition, it discusses popular molecular targets for biotechnology research / the biotech industry such as attenuated microbes, gene sequences, biomarkers, and the latest advance in the sector, CRISPR. These molecular targets can be modified for the production of sufficient quantities of food and fuel. 

Very often, researchers limit their focus to the proof of concept, and fail to successfully convert it into a finished product. To help young entrepreneurs avoid this pitfall, the book addresses various aspects like intellectual property regulations, commerce and management. 

The book’s contributing authors hail from various specialized sectors, and from around the globe. Taken together, the respective chapters are intended to overcome the borders between disciplines that otherwise rarely interact.  

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Biotech Start-ups, Latest Trends in Biotech, Biotech Enterprises, Biotech Products, Biotech Laws and Regulations