Game User Experience And Player-Centered Design

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Betriebssysteme, Benutzeroberflächen


This book provides an introduction and overview of the rapidly evolving topic of game user experience, presenting the new perspectives employed by researchers and the industry, and highlighting the recent empirical findings that illustrate the nature of it. The first section deals with cognition and player psychology, the second section includes new research on modeling and measuring player experience, the third section focuses on the impact of game user experience on game design processes and game development cycles, the fourth section presents player experience case studies on contemporary computer games, and the final section demonstrates the evolution of game user experience in the new era of VR and AR.

The book is suitable for students and professionals with different disciplinary backgrounds such as computer science, game design, software engineering, psychology, interactive media, and many others.

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Extended Reality, Gamer user experience, Augmented Reality, Game Heuristics, Player-centered design, Virtual Reality, Game design, Game user research methods, User experience, Player experience, Player psychology, Computer games