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Space Fostering Latin American Societies

Developing the Latin American Continent through Space, Part 1

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Astronomie


This book presents a comprehensive overview of the role space is playing in unlocking Latin America’s developmental aspirations. It explains how space and its applications can be used to support the development of the full range and diversity of Latin American societies, while being driven by Latin American goals. The Latin American space sector is currently undergoing a phase of rapid and dynamic expansion, with new actors entering the field and with space applications increasingly used to support the continent’s social, economic, and political development. All across Latin America, attention is shifting to space as a fundamental part of the continental development agenda, and the creation of a Latin American space agency is evidence of this. Additionally, while in recent years, great advances in economic and social development have lifted many of Latin America’s people out of poverty, there is still much that needs to be done to fulfill the basic needs of the population and to afford them the dignity they deserve. To this end, space is already being employed in diverse fields of human endeavor to serve Latin America’s goals for its future, but there is still a need for further incorporation of space systems and data. The book is of great interest to researchers, professionals and students in fields such as Space Studies, International Relations, Governance, Social and Rural Development, and many others.

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Space cooperation, Outer Space, Developing countries, Latin American Development, Space applications for society, Space Policy, Space Economy