A New Meaning-Mission Fit

Aligning Life and Work in Business

Michelle French-Holloway

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This book offers a clear process for managers, professionals, and future leaders to help discover their personal meaning in life and apply it to their work. The author uses research outcomes and theories to refute the contemporary philosophy that stresses following an individual’s passion alone when choosing a particular job or career. Instead, she recommends employing a personal meaning-oriented approach to life and work, and then becoming passionate about one’s work organically.

The book also highlights the positive outcomes to organizations and societies when individuals engage with finding meaning in work, focusing on physical and emotional health and satisfaction. The author provides numerous examples of leaders who have aligned their personal meaning and organizational mission, also known as “meaning-mission fit,” and the relationship of this alignment to their emotional well-being. Together, the research, theory, and evidence in this book equip leaders and managers with an inspiring model to find their own meaning-mission fit, as well as create opportunities for the employees to do the same.

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