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Interpersonal Relationships and the Self-Concept

Gary W. Lewandowski, Jr. (Hrsg.), Kevin P. McIntyre (Hrsg.), Brent A. Mattingly (Hrsg.)

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Theoretische Psychologie


This volume provides an overview of the theoretical and empirical work on relationship-induced self-concept change that has occurred over the last 10-15 years. The chapters in this volume discuss the foundations of relationship self-change, how and when it occurs, how it influences relationship decisions and behavior, and how it informs and modifies subsequent knowledge structures, all examined over the course of the relationship cycle (i.e., initiation, maintenance, and dissolution). Additionally, this volume identifies novel applications and extensions of the relationship self-change literature, including applications to health and behavior, intergroup relations, and the workplace.

Among the topics discussed:

  • Self-disclosure in the acquaintance process
  • Commitment readiness
  • Bolstering attachment security through close relationships
  • Self-concept clarity and self-change
  • The role of social support in promoting self-development
  • Relationship dissolution and self-concept change
  • Intergroup and sociocultural factors of self-expansion
  • Self-concept change at work
  • Measurement of relationship-induced self-concept change

Interpersonal Relationships and the Self-Concept serves both as a comprehensive overview of the existing empirical research as well as a roadmap for future research on self-change, including a discussion of emerging theoretical frameworks. It will interest researchers focusing on romantic relationships, self and identity, and the intersection of self and relationships, spanning the disciplines of psychology, sociology, communication, and family studies.

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Health Consequences of Self-Change, Responsiveness to One’s Own Self- Expansion Opportunities, Self-Concept Clarity as Antecedent to Self-Change, Motivation as Antecedent to Self-Change, Self-Change in Intergroup and Workplace Relationships/Settings, Relationship Receptivity Theory, Relationship-Induced Self-Concept Change, Romantic Desire as Antecedent to Self-Change, Commitment Receptivity and Cognitive Interdependence, Attachment Security Enhancement Model (ASEM), Self-Expansion Model, Self-Authenticity and the Michelangelo Phenomenon, Relationship Dissolution and the Promotion Self-Change, Self-Disclosure and Closeness, Inclusion of Other in the Self Scale, Attachment as Antecedent to Self-Change, Role of Social Support in Promoting Self-Change, How Self-Expansion Promotes Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation, Two-Dimensional Model