Institutional Corruption Theory in Pharmaceutical Industry-Medicine Relationships

A Qualitative Analysis of Hungary and the Netherlands

Anna Laskai

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Strafrecht, Strafprozessrecht, Kriminologie


​This book discusses the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on the practice of medicine, and the observed and potential pitfalls of such partnerships. It argues that the pharmaceutical industry has become indispensable to many of the activities of the medical profession across the pharmaceutical product lifecycle, and examines the regulatory, ethical, professional and institutional difficulties that arise from these interactions.  

With data drawn from over 80 qualitative accounts from medical, pharmaceutical, regulatory and healthcare professionals, this book uses both Hungary and the Netherlands as case studies to demonstrate the potential problem of undue pharmaceutical industry influence within the relationships fostered with the profession of medicine. Chapters systematically describe the lifecycle of a pharmaceutical product from research to distribution, demonstrating the interdependency of industry and medicine.  Arguing that the medical profession should be a buffer between the pharmaceutical industry interests and patient interests, the book explores how undue industry influence weakens the ability of the medical profession to do so. Using the theory of institutional corruption, the book aims to analyze how conflict of interest and the weakening of institutional imperatives is a result of institutional interactions rather than individual actions.

Appropriate for students and researchers of the pharmaceutical industry, corporate corruption, and those working in NGOs and policy making, this unique volume is an comprehensive look at the complex relationship between medicine and pharmacy.  

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medical research funding, healthcare corruption, pharmaceutical industry, big pharma, organizational criminology, bad pharma, medical corruption, institutional corruption