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New Perspectives on Hispanic Caribbean Studies

María Teresa Vera-Rojas (Hrsg.), Magdalena López (Hrsg.)

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What are the main contributions of Hispanic cultural products and practices today? This book is a collection of essays on new critical trends in Hispanic Caribbean thinking. It offers an update on the state of Hispanic Caribbean studies through the discussion of diverse theoretical perspectives around notions of affect, archipelagic thinking, deterritoriality, and queer experiences and subjectivities. These eccentric Caribbean and aquatic imaginaries move beyond those that are circumscribed by identity, nation, insularity, and the colonial epistemologies derived from these conceptions. Due to its cultural and historical specificities, the Hispanic Caribbean constitutes a focus of study crucial to re-thinking global dynamics today.

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decolonial theory, affect, migration studies, archipelagic thinking, Black Atlantic, queer studies, Hispanic Caribbean, deterritorialization / deterritoriality, subaltern studies